May 27, 2016

The Return of the Pointman! Futura's "New Horizons" Solo Exhibition in June in Detroit

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"Now it is time for Futura, pioneer of abstract street art that had been active since the '70s, to really shine on his own. Opening on June 18th, 2016 at the Library Street Collective in Detroit, Futura's latest solo exhibition is entitled New Horizons and it will feature all the imagery that fans love McGurr's art for: gyroscopes, nebulae, and other abstracted structures as well as some of his Pointman characters."

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May 26, 2016

THE SUCKLORD is creating A Compelling Narrative with Merchandise

While Technically a self-serving Supervillain, THE SUCKLORD is an inspirational figure. Transcending category, the Sucklord has succeeded in several disciplines; from independent Toy production, Television, Music, Podcasting, Fine Art, Performance, Film, and personal storytelling. His very existence is a Work of Art; inspiring others not only to consume his works, but to produce on their own. His well articulated philosophy of creativity is a living document, finding expression across a wide array of creative and entertaining endeavors. His self-Driven Transformation from a powerless and Disenfranchised Schmuck into a world Conquering Supervillain has created a template for other such losers to do the same. His non-elitist, non-conforming, don’t-give-a-fuck-do-it-my-way-and-win approach to creativity has spawned a body of fun, engaging, entertaining, questioning, sexually liberating, and highly collectable works, work that must continue, for the sake of ALL Humanity.


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Back with another Episode: SUCK-BUSINESS. This time Benny from @tenacioustoys comes in to "Talk Business," help pump the new Sucklord Fundraiser, and marvel at new Suck-Swag from Episode Sponsor IG @psyindustries - Discordia Merchandising


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UVD is excited to announce Week 2 of the Urban Vinyl Daily
<> Weekly Wrap-Up! In this episode Ben
and Travis will talk about news from Munky King, Mondo, Skinner and
Mutant Vinyl Hardcore! Plus they even give reviews for the Kidrobot x
Frank Kozik 'General Tso's Nightmare' and Tim Doyle's 'Unreal Estate'

Instagram: @UrbanVinylDaily
Twitter: @UrbanVinylDaily

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TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Baby Huey Pink

in stock & ready to ship
8" tall
made of vinyl
designed by Frank Kozik
developed by Bigshot Toyworks
produced by Kidrobot

Order  Kidrobot x Frank Kozik Baby Huey Pink today!

May 25, 2016

Hold the Door: Laser-Etched Hodor Doorstops by Karvt
Yeah yeah yeah, these aren't toys. I get it. Calm down.

You live in a house with a door, right? You need a doorstop more than you need a plastic toy, trust me. If you're a GoT fan, you need these Hodor doorstops. Yeah, OK, listen, my feed is full of Hodor fucking doorstops too. Most of them are basic blocks of wood. THESE are LASER ETCHED with precision awesomeness.

So ditch your crappy doorstops and grab a pair of these here on the Karvt site.

You'll be trendy ... this week.

Token Nerd Giveaway: Weapon X Funko Prize Pack

Token Nerd is back with a new Token Giveaway! This giveaway’s theme is Weapon X in honor of the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse.

All you have to do to qualify for this giveaway is:
-Have a US mailing address.
-Like Token Nerd on the Token Nerd Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter
-Share the image above
-Use the hashtag #TokenPool
Follow these requirements and you’ll be entered for a chance to win.
-As a bonus for every social media outlet you do the above process on you will receive an additional entry!

The Giveaway will go from Saturday May 21st to Saturday May 28th until 5pm EST. The winner will be announced on Saturday May 28th after the close of the contest! Good luck to all that enter!