July 22, 2016

SDCC Photo Coverage - Jermaine Rogers, Ron English, JRYU and more

UVD - Weekly Wrap Up - Episode 10

In this episode Travis and Ben celebrate their 10th episode by talking about more SDCC news from people like Jermaine Rogers, Luke Chueh, 3DRetro, Alex Pardee Special Ed Toys, and more! Plus they have news from Tru Slithers, a #TBT Toy Review, Mark Hopus of Blink 182 and his custom Fender Basses, Ewok for MTV and so much more!

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SUCKHOUR - Episode 22 - Buff Monster

THE FAMOUS ARTIST Buff Monster charms the fuck out of The Sucklord and Jcorp talking about business, creativity, and all kinds of other deep sh*t...

Watch Online Here: LINK

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July 21, 2016

SDCC 2016 - Buntrooper White & Gold GID Wootbear exclusive by Ben Soto

Buntrooper, by Ben Soto, is a Skull Bunny created this time in a GID White with Gold accents, exclusively for Woot Bear. Concurrently being released at SDCC 2016, there are a few Buntroopers available online through Woot Bear. Priced at $65 plus shipping, each Buntrooper comes in a custom blister card package and an exclusive print. Limited to just 16 pieces, these adorable little Skull Bunnies are ready to take aim and miss every target in their sights. Keep in mind, although these are white in color, they do GID! Those attending SDCC 2016 can head on over to booth O15, Black Sheep Comics and check these out(if still available) in addition to a plethora of wonderful items being offered.