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July 1, 2015

Kickstarter - Rivals: Masters of the Deep

The guys over at World of Rivals are expanding the Rivals brand by creating a miniature boardgame, based around the Rivals story. Rivals: Masters of the Deep is a tactical 2 or more player game set in the depths of the Lurk. Many people may recognize the Rivals characters from previously successful Kickstarters, which were funded to create art toys. The latest Kickstarter from the World of Rivals is to fund  the miniatures board game Rivals: Masters of the Deep. With a funding goal of $40k, as of this blog posting, the Kickstarter has already raised more than half the amount. With early bird pricing of the game set to a reward level of $75 plus shipping, if all 500 early bird spots were to be spoken for, the Kickstarter would be really close to reaching the set $40k goal. One of the good things about the World of Rivals' Kickstarters is that they always think about stretch goals. This time around, each stretch goal beyond the initial funding goal, introduces more figures that will be included for rewards above the Early Bird Level (or above $75 pledged). Head on over to the Rivals: Masters of the Deep Kickstarter page to check out all the wonderful figures and read about the story. Make a pledge, spread the word and get this Kickstarter funded asap.

June 30, 2015

Instagram Giveaway from Patrick Wong

Canadian artist, Patrick Wong, has announced an Instagram Giveaway to support the latest edition his resin art toy, the Beats Series MPC 2000XL. The 3" resin collectible is will not be for sale and only available through this giveaway. Based on the iconic Air Jordans 3 basketball shoe, the special promo Beats Series MPC 2000XL figure will be given away to one of Patrick Wong's Instagram Followers. To enter, Instagram Users need to have a public profile, have to follow @patrickwongart, and repost the contest ad with the hashtag #PatrickWongArt (looks like the first picture of this post). One winner will be announced on July 13, 2015. In addition to this giveaway, The Beats Series Part 4 MPC 2000XL in beige or blue are availble for preorder through Patrick Wong's webstore, priced at $35 each. Pre-orders will close on July 15th, 2015 and no copies will be made after this date. So, be sure to pre-order one or both of the latest colorways and enter the Instagram Giveaway.

REVIEW: Nannoo by Lillikit

Lillikit is a South Korean shop that collaborates with artists from all over the world to create interesting art and designs. They were kind enough to send me some of their new Nannoo figures

Nannoo, a kitten flying to the sky, is the creation of  Lee Seung Min, an art director for films, animation and advertising from Seoul, South Korea.  Lee, along with her ten year old son, started the design of Nannoo with the simple shape of a ball.   

Nannoo is a small sphere about the size of your hand (hands may vary, it's about the size of MY hand) with four legs, ears, a tail and an adorable cat design.  One of my favorite details is the design of the nose/mouth.  A line swoops in over the left eye curling around and joining a second line to create a smiling appearance.  Just looking at these little guys puts a smile on my face. Nannoo currently comes in five different colors, the Pastel Series, which are representative of the seasons.  Min and Lillikit have plans to release the Nannoo figures in many more fun and creative designs in the future as well as you can see below.  These toys will delight both children and adult collectors alike. 

To add Nanoos and lots of other interesting and beautiful artwork to your collection, visit 

June 29, 2015

Release of art toy "Milbatallas" x Entusiasta Gallery, David Pugliese and Pablo S. Sapia

The pirate Milbatallas (Thousandbattles in spanish), Entusiasta Gallery's first collectible Art Toy.

Milbatallas is designed by David Pugliese and sculpted by Pablo S. Sapia. It was carefully modeled by hand and is finely detailed.

Made in resin and with a subtle wood base, the pirate Milbatallas owns a picturesque figure:
His arms made out of sticks and hooks in place of feet makes him the perfect monument to perseverance.

Only 20 copies where made for this first edition and they are now for sale only by e-mail at

The official presentation event will take place on July 11th at 4.30pm at the MuHu - Museo del Humor (Humor Museum) housed in the building of the old Munich Brewery, Av. de los Italianos 851, Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Set sail! 

2 days until Rivals:Masters of the Deep Lands on Kickstarter

Rivals:Masters of the Deep have an event happening July 1st only on Facebook where you can win prizes and celebrate with them as they launch the Campaign. 

Make sure to keep a close eye on all of the happenings. There will be early bird pricing for the first 500 backers so make sure to get in early.

June 27, 2015

TOYSREVIL: Kidrobot and Seriously to Debut Best Fiends Figures at SDCC

The Best Fiends X Kidrobot Slug vinyl figures will be available for purchase for the first time at SDCC. The male “Devourer” and female “Lola” Slugs will be available in both black and glow-in-the-dark editions. The Slug vinyl figures will also launch for order on and simultaneous to their release at SDCC. These limited edition Slug vinyl figures will retail for $49.99."

Visit Kidrobot at SDCC booth #5645. Read more on TRE: 

TOYSREVIL: Kidrobot and Seriously to Debut Best Fiends Collec...: KIDROBOT PRESS:

June 25, 2015

PLAYBOY Magazine X Mighty Jaxx present limited edition art toy

In celebration of Playboy's 60th Birthday, Mighty Jaxx were invited, among other talented artists, to create an art figure to represent Playboy in this day and age. Roping in their favourite local artist Clogtwo, this is the result of the collaboration.

"It is all about the attitude and style of a true gentleman. Tailored in velvet and finished off with diamonds, he stands tall, firm and nothing can move him. Staying classy in this new urban world, there's no end to how deep the rabbit hole goes. He is the infinite universe. He is the legend himself."

This special art toy is available from NOW until 24th July 2015! Only a 1 month pre-order period is allocated for this beautiful piece. Standing at 11" tall and made with premium quality vinyl, it comes packed in an exquisite box. The piece retails for $200 and is available on the Mighty Jaxx website.