May 5, 2016

The Astronaut 10-inch Figure by Alex Pardee and ToyQube

Quite a rare occasion that we have an Alex Pardee piece in our shop... this is The Astronaut, a 10-inch mixed media sculpture produced by our friends at ToyQube. Up for preorder now, arriving at end of month:

TOY OF THE DAY: Tenacious Toys $20 Plush Grab Bag


We've assembled an assortment of awesome toys and collectibles which we are turning into grab bags! Tenacious Grab Bags are GUARANTEED to contain items worth more than the price of the Grab Bag.

Here we have a $20 Plush Grab Bag containing 3 plush items. You could get: Uglydolls, Hello Kitty, Somewhere City, Bunk Bots, Giant Microbes, Domo, Gloomy Bear, or other plushes. You won't be sure what you get... til you open the box! Each Grab Bag is hand-picked by Benny to create an experience that's worthwhile. They make great gifts for those hard-to-shop-for people in your life. We have 5 of these $20-level Plush Grab Bags available. In general, when making up these assortments, we included 1 larger plush (approx 8") and two smaller plushes (approx 4-5") in each Grab Bag.

No returns, refunds or substitutions on Grab Bags - it is what it is! While we guarantee the value, we offer NO GUARANTEES that you will get the exact items pictured. Pictured here are 2 of the 5 bags - each is different.

Order  Tenacious Toys $20 Plush Grab Bag today!

May 4, 2016

Loving this Desktop Shipping Container by TYO Toys on Kickstarter! Backed It!

LITERALLY the PERFECT object for my desk as one of the things I do is manage shipping containers and logistics. Plus my desk is a mess. LOVE. Another rad project from Phil Foss aka TYO Toys.

Adventures in Design Podcast - Episode 377 - The Collection with Huck Gee - Part 5: Ferg of Playge

The Collection is back and this time Huck Gee and Mark Brickey bring you a man who was part of the new school even during the heyday of the old school. Ferg spearheaded the DIY designer toy game and has always taken matters into his own hands from his very first toy all the way to present day where he created Playge and developed the multiple toy lines within it. Once the bubble popped, many designers fell to the wayside while Ferg saw an uptick in his bottom line since his production and distribution means were always something he controlled. Ferg's story is one of self reliance, unbridled creativity and doing what you love on your own terms.

Talking Points:
  • Huck returns from his homeland and ToyCon UK energized and ready to go.
  • The popularity around social media and how it ties into your creativity and ego.
  • How The Collection is bringing down the curtain on the toy industry, where its going and who will be players in it.
  • The similarities between all creative markets and learning from the successes and failures of each.
  • TSA and the 80lb. duffel bag and Mark's Blood Sugar Vest.
  • The evolution of the blank and its variations.
  • Strategizing on who you want to work with in your industry.
  • The return to Gold Life.
  • Finding a scale where characters remain true to size.
  • Determining price points based off exposure and production in America.
  • The Huck Gee Vannen Watch Giveaway
  • Doing the new school model back in the old school days and how to avoid losing control of your product.
  • Starting with the sqube.
  • Moving away form cutesy designer toys.
  • Ferg's entry point into the world of toys.
  • Making clothes for very small things.
  • Making a living selling direct to consumers.
  • Unrealistic standards for selling out a product.
  • Readjusting your ego and predicting the end of hype.
  • Assembly as a Build A Bear for Squadt.
  • Inventing the Third Eye and using visual tricks that engage your audience.
  • Drawing inspiration from the illustration techniques of the skateboard industry.

The Artifact by Wetworks

The Artifact is a resin cast piece by Wetworks, based on the worn and damaged helmet seen in the latest Star Wars movie. With 9 pieces cast, each one are truly unique, due to the materials and processes used for casting. Measuring around 2.3x2.5" each, some pieces do GID (#GIDGATE), while others are purely colored. Priced at only $30 a piece, plus shipping, this sale is limited to 1 piece per person. Releasing at 9AM PDT on the Wetworks online store, collectors are most likely going to have to have a plan of attack for picking up a few of the May the 4th releases.

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REN-DMC Resin Figures by 2BitHack

Resin slinger 2BitHack continues to create wonderfully executed bootlegs from the Star Wars universe, this time mashing Star Wars and Hip Hop. REN-DMC features a set of 3 separate figures, created in resin and packaged in card backed blister packaging. Each figure comes with a different accessory but features the same overall theme. With only 3 total figures and the success of 2BitHacks previous releases, these are sure to sellout quickly. These will be available at 12PM PST. Priced at $45 each plus shipping, grab these quick before eBay does. May the 4th be with you all.

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May 3, 2016

Rebel Troopers by Wild Westside

Back in 2014, Arik Ehle of Wild Westside, participated in "Project Legion", a group art show put on by Disney and Lucas Films. Featuring customized 6" Storm Trooper helmets, Arik's creation ended up being posted recently by the official Star Wars Instagram page and received a lot of great feedback. With all of the great responses, Arik decided to create a super limited run of Rebel Troopers, using almost Full Size Stormtrooper helmets and New Era Hats. Releasing on May 4th, each Rebel Trooper sculpture is priced at $225 plus shipping, with only four of the five pieces being made available. The fifth piece, the Silver and Black variant is going to be a  part of a Sol Republic Headphones giveaway, thus featuring some Sol Republic Headphones. No word on a time for release, but follow Arik on social media as Arik will be sure to have a release announcement.

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