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January 20, 2017

tokidoki Unicorno Valentine's Day 2-Pack Shipping Soon

INCOMING: 3A Action Portable Wave 2 Figures - Preorder Today
Just got word from 3A that they are fixing to ship the Action Portable Wave 2 figures to us via EMS. Expecting them to arrive at our warehouse late January and will be delivered to customers in February. A couple figures in this wave are sold out but we do have preorder slots still available for the 6 figures pictured in this post.

January 19, 2017

Shopkins x Funko 4-inch Vinyl Figures Coming Soon

Funko and Moose Toys, two of the biggest names in collectibles, have come together for the first time to create Shopkins vinyl figures!
In collaboration with Moose Toys, Funko is bringing the beloved Shopkins characters to Funko collectors while also introducing Funko’s style to Shopkins fans.
These high quality sculpted vinyl figures stand between 3-4" tall and are packaged in a window display box to showcase the adorable details of each character. Collectors will be able to add Apple Blossom, Poppy Corn, Strawberry Kiss, D’lish Donut, Kooky Cookie and Cupcake Chic to their collections!
Collect them all!
NOTE: Apple Blossom, D’lish Donut, Kooky Cookie and Cupcake Chic figures each have a CHASE (rare variant colorway) which we will be randomly packing into orders. We have NO CONTROL over who gets a chase. If you receive an item that looks like one pictured, but it has different colors, you received a CHASE!

January 18, 2017

Memphis Pop Art Festival X Designer Toy Summit

Some of you may have already heard about Memphis Pop Art Festival. If you didn't, you have now. It is a new event series that will be hosting Designer Toy Summit as an Alley, within it. Same Location, Same Day, Same $10 entry for the public!

Memphis Pop Art Festival is also, right now, renting Vendor Spaces and Artist Tables to ANY AND ALL Vendors and Artists!

So for anyone out there who did not fit the more strict guidelines for sign up to Designer Toy Summit, you can now get into Memphis Pop Art Festival and bring anything you please! Records, Anime Goods, Vintage Toys, Capsule Clothing Labels, Golden Age Comics, Personal Collection Liquidations, ANYTHING!

However, if you do meet the criteria for Designer Toy Summit, you can still sign up! They have a very limited number of spaces still available.

As long as you have had a hand in Designer Toys in any way, shape, or form, you can bring anything you have as an Artist, or a Company, to Designer Toy Summit.

Posted by: Your Ninja Blogger Gavriel Discordia

Jeremy Tanavit Fan Reveals Prototype of New Pitohui 4-inch Figure

This is a prototype of Pitohui, it stands about 4" and has a width of 3". It also has a removable Cat skull mask. More details on production size and price will be release soon.

Background: Pitohui is JEM's companion. Although he may look tough and punk, pitohui is actually very sensitive and shy. Pitohui has dreams to be a crime fighter hence the CAT skull mask, but for now Pitohui enjoys the wonderful adventures with JEM.

Fun Fact:The hooded pitohui is a pitohui of New Guinea with black and orange plumage.  It is one of the few known poisonous birds. 

Hit the jump for more photos.

January 15, 2017

Nothing Says Evil Like Gold

Gavriel Discordia, your Ninja Blogger here,

Just a little enamel pin / star wars / spray art inspired addition to the cultural conversation designed by yours truly. Who doesn't think Vader is cool?

Drip Vader Standard Gold and Black - Limited Edition of 100
Also available in an all gold, Artist Proof - Limited Edition of 10 - [Includes Standard Edition Free]


The Magma Coolie Gnaw

The Magma Coolie Gnaw is a one of a kind custom mash-up of a Plaseebo Gnaw head on a PLT glow in the dark vinyl Coolie body and hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays by Conge. The figure is a lofty 10 inches tall with red glass eye inserts and a internal motion activated color-changing LED unit with replaceable batteries.

The Magma Coolie Gnaw will be available on Wednesday January 18th from the Plaseebo web-shop.

More photos after the jump.